Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Love

Wow. 2008 already! My third post of the New Year.
I emailed my friend Melisa and we were "talking" (typing?) about how we both have not scrapbooked in about 3 weeks. We are planning a Jan. crop date. I was so happy to hear from my pal Jenn P. in my email box. We lost touch about a year ago! Here's to new friends and reconnections in 2008!
I was soooo very excited when this was delivered today:
I cannot wait to use this photo printer.
Today Harrison and I decided to use a clay kit we had bought about a year ago.
Harrison decided he wanted to make the dolphin.
We cannot show you the finished project...yet. We moved it too soon and some paint got messed up so we have to repaint it. :)
We also went to the park but it was way too cold so we ran back to the car! And we visited my family for a little bit.
On Sunday my mom and I went antiquing. It was a blast! We hit up Rink Gallery (
http://www.rinkgallery.com/). Every Sunday they have free food and live music.
Mmm...Chardonnay. :]
My mom will probably kill me for posting a pic of her with a mouthful of food!
These guys played some awesome music: blues, waltzes, classical. I loved how a group of three elderly ladies sat on a couch across them and threw "zingers" at them in between songs. No wonder most of the wine bottles were empty! LOL

I was also happy to run into an old friend/co-worker, Aretas. I have not seen her since I left teaching. She is such a sweet lady--someone you wish was in your family.
So this is what I walked away with:
There was a huge display of REAL (not scanned or reproduced) vintage pics. I fell in love with these two. I like to imagine where they are almost 60 years later and how they lived life.
Here are the inscriptions~
First pic:
To A Sweet Pal-Best wishes for your continued happiness.
Pals Always,
Second pic:
“Love Always”
Odie Lee
Back Inscription: Odie Lee Shaw A Wonderful Friend 1950
Owls. Rock. Cool old owl candle.
These remind me of cupcakes! So sweet. Plastic cups. 50 cents each! I want to get more in other colors and the dishes and bowls on another visit.
It was nice to spend girl time with mom,bonding. We have a huge family of boys. I said to her, "Do you ever wish we had more girls?" and she said,"No! Girls fight too much."
We took down all our Christmas decorations. The house seems so empty now! :(
Thank you Pamela O. for the cute garden bubble stickers. So precious!
Okay, how inspiring was this Target ad? I can see it as a great inspiration for a scrapbook page!