Thursday, January 17, 2008


Watched a little Project Runway tonight. They always seem to get rid of the boring people first so I was not suprised Kit left. I think Jillian and Victoria should be next!!! If Christian was not in the final three I would cry!!! I get too much into my tv!
Ben was home today. He took a personal day to be with us. But I think he worked harder today than he would be doing in the classroom. He worked on some house projects.
We went to Target. I got a new purse. I have not had a new purse in awhile so it is a big deal for me to buy something for myself, know what I mean? Gasp...guess what? I am also getting my hair colored and cut on Friday! As a mom you just go with the flow and let yourself go sometime. I want to look like I did pre-pregnancy (a tall wish!) but that is my goal this year.
I see some moms with more kids than me and they are more pulled together or have their nails done and new clothes and I feel inadequate because I spend more on paper than new clothes.
And no, that does not mean I will stop buying paper, I will just be more selective about what I buy and when I buy. I had a bad addiction to enabling threads that said, "Target Find!!!--99 cent flowers!!" and then I would go to 5 different Target stores searching for them. Oh, I am a sucker for $1 sections,too.
So if I start posting pics of lots of scrappy stuff web-kick me in the butt,okay??
So where was I? Yes, we went to Target. Harrison bought a bag for school and some new cups, and a new lunch pail. I wanted him to pick it all out because maybe the transition won't be so hard on him.
We ate Carl's Jr. for lunch. Not my first choice but Ben loves their burgers. And having a coupon sealed the deal for me!
It snowed late this afternoon. We had no idea it did, and we opened the house door to go for a drive and the car was covered with ice and a little snow. I love surprises like that.
Here are pics of our finds-- (notice: no scrapbook stuff!!!):
Lunch Pail and one of the cups we got him (he already painted pictures to go inside them!)
Luggage tags for Harrison's name