Friday, February 29, 2008

I like paste

Here is some new stuff I finally uploaded!
Here is another butterfly collage a la Ali Edwards. I love making these!!!!
I uploaded 3 scrapbook pages into my slideshow at the top.
Here is a birthday invite I made via photoshop with clipart for Ben! He turns 40 on March 16!!! Of course, you can't read all the writing since I had to try and "cleverly" cover it up. :)
And awesome news!
Our zoo has 4 new lion cubs!!! Remember the pic I posted last week or so of the lions? Well the dad is Azlan and the other two females each gave birth to two cubs. Cuties!!!
You can go to the OKC Zoo website and watch them on cub cam!
Harrison and I made delicioso strawberry cupcakes. We are getting ready to make some chocolate covered pretzels. We are going to a movie night party tonight and we are bringing some goodies along!!! Happy Friday. :)