Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pooped to toot

(picture is absolutely tongue in cheek y'all!!!)
That is what we always say when we are tired. I don't know if it an Okie thang or just another weird random phrase my family invented. We also say "Get down" when we mean get out of the car and "What's coming out?" when we want to know what is on tv (Ben tells me its "What is coming on."). Oh, and when we are mad we say really weird stuff:

"Up your nose with a rubber hose."
"Up your butt with a hockey putt." (yes, I know its really puck).
"You're not the boss of meeeee."
"Kiss my grits."
"Kiss my britches."
"Don't be such a crabby patty!!"
"Les incompetante."
I think we gleaned the majority of these from Happy Days, Alice and Home Alone movies.
I have also been told we say the word IRON weird. We pronounce it "urn."
And school is "skew."
Ben laughs at my family's weird lingo. His mom is a Latin teacher at the most prestigious private school in our state, so I guess he can laugh LOL.
Haha. I could see Martha Stewart peeing on herself if she ever had dinner with my family.
Anyhoo, my point is I am tired. We played at the park today, got ice cream and then played in the backyard. Too much activity for my lazy butt! :)