Sunday, February 17, 2008

So there!

Today is my brother Aaron's 22nd birthday. I thought he was turning 23. Silly me and my bad memory!!!
We gave him a shower radio...
This weekend guess what I did?? Washed dishes until my hands fell off!!! I had to wash all the dishes that were in storage since our kitchen had been under renovation. Yay!!! No more paper plates! :) And I put low tack contact paper in a pretty river rock type design in our cabinets. I started to put stuff up and I have already run out of room!!! I really have too much gladware/rubbermaid LOL.
Ben tore up our wood floor. $400 down the drain. :( But then he started telling me he is going to make an outdoor table out of it so go figure!!! (Quick FYI: we had a slow leak back in August 07 and our kitchen got ruined and mold. it took months for clean up. our kitchen is just now coming together. then after installing our kitchen wood floor recently our broken washing machine leaked water under the wall and under the floor. and no, insurance did not cover any of this. so now we are putting in a tile floor. wish us luck!!!).
I still have a ton of stuff to clean but I am calling it quits for the night. My hands look like Joan River's wrinkly butt!!!!