Monday, June 9, 2008

Busy, bustling world!

I have been having computer withdrawal time! LOL. We had to reset the computer. For some reason Firefox and Photoshop are "frenemies" and don't work well together on my computer. We kept getting the message memory was low. We cleared everything, bought extra gigabytes, and then finally bought an additional external hard drive. Ben ended up having to reset the whole computer. Thank goodness we had the extra hard drive to back up all our photos, fonts,etc. So I was only able to get online here and there when he was not working on the computer this weekend. It is so hard to be away from the computer for that many hours! Only j/k (no, I'm not!).
I have to say Happy Belated Birthday to my momma! I love her!
We had the best ice cream with her cake--it was red in color--"something Orange" was the flavor.
Then Ben got us chocolate Sonic shakes on the drive home! So we had our fill of ice cream this weekend.
I don't know if you have a little boy in your house but my son is going wack-o crazy over Kung Fu Panda! He has two of the figures, Po the Panda and the Master (mouse). We went to see the movie. Loved it! Ben was even laughing so that is a good sign because my husband usually wants to go to sleep during kiddie films. Harrison brought his action figures along. When we left, Ben said, "We gotta buy that!" So I guess it is not only good for kids but for dads,too. Jack Black is hilarious. I liked the action scenes. And it had a good message--to believe in yourself.
Oh my! We finally cleaned our car. Do you keep a clean car? I cannot remember the last time we vacuumed or dusted it. I put rose sachets in it,too!
Oh, and an update on the test at the hospital. I went back the next day and it went fine. Nothing embarrassing happened this time!
My goal this week is to post more scrapbooking/craft stuff. I have been a little lazy about that. Sorry. :) I want to do some more magazine reviews again,too.
Here are some links to share~
My favorite scrappy home
(p.s. thank you wendy for the happy mail!)
Wonderful shabby chic inspiration
Cute pen storage idea
On the day you were born...this would be good for journaling/heritage pages
Look at this beautiful card:
I found this neat craft site:
Did you know Etsy had a blog??


gina said...

First of all it looks like you love as much as I do- I just did a post about it the other day. Second- I love etsy and didn't know they had a blog- thanks for the tip! Last- I'm SOooo glad to hear Kung Fu Panda is funny my girls all want to see it and I was dragging my feet. :)

twinkle teaches said...

yes I love photobucket {er, photocrack??}! I have been using it for 2 years now for everything--I use it daily!I love etsy,too but now I am on a tight budget so no buying for me!! :) KFP rocks! Thanks for the visit!