Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello lovah...

Okay remember the clip from the new SATC movie where Sarah Jessica says that to a pair of Manolo's?? (I prefer Christain Louboutin's...) But being the scrappy wannabe goddess that I am I say "Hello lovah" to these:
I have been hoarding scrapbooking safe (water based) Sharpies like crazy lately. I love how they write smooth like buttah on any surface, and they don't have that nausea inducing smell!
I have always had a love affair with office supplies even before I became a scrapbooker. Before that I was the teacher who hoarded and guarded her top desk drawer full of pens. And before that I was the middle school kid who picked up pens and pencils off the school floor (not kidding). And even previous to that I was the little girl who started a pen collection--collecting odd shaped pens like the pacifier pen everyone thought was a condom pen or the pen that had a rock collection inside it. Nerdy, but true.
Now I can hide the stockpiling by saying I need it all for scrapbooking. Do they have an Office Supply Hoarders Anonymous or something?!?! Sign me up!!!


Pearlann66 said...

I too was born a Nerd who loved office supplies as a child. Give me a sparkly pencil and I was in Heaven!!
I still remember the 1st time my Mom let me order some stationary that had my name on it! I was in like 7th grade and I hated to use it(beginning stages of being a HOARDER of papers!)
I think it turned yellow and about 10 years later i had to trash it!

twinkle teaches said...

A person after my own heart! ;)