Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Countdown begins!

I don't know if it possible to get a freezer burn on your lips from a popsicle but I just did. :( Wahwah.
So 2 hours until random number generator picks a giveaway winner. Oh my, I love giveaways!
I just found out another craft blog will be doing 20!! A new winner each day at 9am starting June 30th (next Monday).
Here is the link (click on image)...

Um, I cannot believe the 4th of July is next Friday!! We are having a cook-out and I have not done anything to get ready yet!! much to do!
Okay so the reveal for yesterday's photo of the day...
it was... {scroll down}

a gorilla arm!
Here is today's photo of the day (up close). Try to guess what the object is and I reveal it tomorrow along with a new close up.
:) I love reading these guesses by the way!
-Photo of the Day-Wednesday, June 25