Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not so cool

***********warning~this post contains tmi--LOL so just beware if ya don't wanna know!***************
Not a great day LOL.

Today I had an appointment at the hospital for some tests. One of them involved me drinking 40 oz. of liquid an hour or so before the appointment. I did this and felt fine on my way to the hospital. Ben dropped me off because I did not think I would be in the mood the drive afterwards and his parents live down the street, so he and Harrison went to visit them. I had been in this part of the hospital before so I wasn't really nervous or anything about finding my way.
I checked in, picked up some guy's mag that had Patrick Dempsey on the cover...and then oh no...

in less than 3 seconds I was in the hall frantically searching for a restroom because I had that horrible feeling that I was about to throw up, or as I call it "toss my cookies." Now this part I blame on the hospital. See nothing is marked well there. I have been in every hospital in the metro area and this one is the worst on user friendly signs. You know how most public places have signs sticking out saying restroom or with the man/woman symbol? Not this one.

They have recessed doors with the symbols on them. Actually, all the doors in the hospital are recessed so it was near impossible to find it while trying to hold the cookies down. Before I knew it, I was tossing cookies in the lobby. Yes, hugging the trash can. At the hospital. Multiple personnel and business people asking me if I am okay.

I was so embarrassed.

So I go back to the office to tell them I would have to reschedule and then round two hit. Oh, so embarrassing. So I started crying and I call Ben from the restroom (which I *finally* found--um, across the hall). I have to trek the whole way across the hospital to get where the pick up area is. I get in the elevator and frantically push the "door close" button because I so don't want company in the elevator (I have a phobia of elevators anyway, btw). I end up in pick up area A which exactly resembles pick up area B where my husband was. Eventually we find each other, and I cry the whole way home.

So I get home, call to reschedule and they ask me if I can really handle coming back in tomorrow. Um, rudeness!

I guess I am further embarrassing myself by posting this story for the www. I don't care at this point.

I go back in tomorrow afternoon--this time with a plastic bag and my mom for support. Wish me luck! LOL

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wendy said...

Oh gosh you poor thing! There is nothing worse the "tossing the cookies"...and then doing it when others are around. Drinking all that didn't help either I'm sure. Good luck!!