Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo of the Day...and other things!

Remember this week on photo of the day I am showing a close up and you guess what the object is. Then the next day I will reveal the object along with a new close up!
Monday's Reveal...
it was my Winter hat!
Tuesday, June 24
your close up to guess on...
Nope it isn't my leg in the Winter!!!

Have fun guessing!
Also~tomorrow I pick a winner for my giveaway (see Friday, June 20 post for info and to enter). Yep, tomorrow at 4pm CST. Good luck!

Today I did nothing blogworthy. Just laid about reading a novel and eating popsicles. We went outside a little. Cleaned a little. Meh.
Oh, here is a scrapbook page I did last night~
The lion is actually a cub! It kept trying to play with Harrison through the glass (or eat him)...
The journaling reads, "Pretty little lion friend if we were in the wild you would eat me..."
And here is another page of a pic from my mom's house:
I did for a tutorial on how to use paint in scrapbooking at www.scrapcity.blogspot.com
:) Happy Tuesday! What have you been up to??


wendy said...

The lion layout is beautiful! Very nice work :)

Cute hat!

gina said...

I'm guessing a scarf?

The lion layout is gorgeous.

twinkle teaches said...

I love these guesses! :)