Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sunshine and lollipops

Did you notice the new look of the blog?? Not sure if I will be going "back to black" (Amy Winehouse song) or stay with a blog of color yet...let me know what you prefer. Don't be afraid to be honest. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

This week has been so busy! I have a lot to do. What is on your to-do list???
Okay, I think I am going to start charging visitors to my house an admission fee. Some people collect stamps. We apparently collect pets. We have our own pets and occasionally foster pets for the local feed store. Well, we added another to the collection. Here's a hint~
My son now has a miniature frog named Froggy. :)
Froggy eats bloodworms. Yuk! Thankfully we bought them at PetSmart and don't have to go hunting for worms or something!

I started a scrapbook page the other day--it is all laid out--just not adhesive'd down yet. For some reason I cannot bring myself to complete it. So weird. I love this page...I actually like it a lot but I am hesistant to put the "project completed" stamp on it for some odd reason!

I have a wood birdhouse I need to alter,too. It is part of the altered challenge at
Check out the forum/gallery!

Harrison is in his sandbox. Ben is outside working hard to get our yard perfect for our 4th of July cook out.
We planted more flowers yesterday and he made wooden borders for the back flower beds. Then in the middle of the night it rained--a ton! So my new flowers look like dead, drowned stems.

Speaking of flood, my prayers go out to everyone affected by all the flooding in the midwest. So sad.

Hey I found out something new today...disposable pots and pans. Yes, disposable! And think of all the water and time you save not scrubbing pots and pans!~
Article here:
Campers, Hikers, and just about anyone who hates scrubbing pots and pans will be excited about a new revolutionary invention out of South Korea.eLife, a product sold in at least one supermarket in Seoul, South Korea, is a collection of pots and pans made completely out of paper.Available in many different shapes and sizes, eLife paper pots and pans have a special material that is painted on the bottom that allows them to be used on direct heat or flame.No more having to carry heavy pots and pans when going camping, or wash nasty pots and pans at home.



gina said...

I love the new color of your blog!! The only (slight ) problem is the small bit of bright blue text in your left sidebar doesn't show up as well as it did on black.

TGIhave girls- no blood worms for us this summer!!

wendy said...

I love the new look, the header is cute :). And who doesn't love not having to do dishes! We find ourselves using a lot of paper and plastic in the summer...less work!

twinkle teaches said...

Gina-Thanks. :) It was bugging me,too. I was using a free template so I had to go make some changes...now the other sidebar matches but I have to mess with the margins tonight. But I still kinds miss the black. :( So it may change back LOL.
Wendy-Awesome prize for the monthly challenges at www.thescrapcity.com !
I love the disposable pots/pans idea,too!
Tina :)

gina said...

I think black is hard on the eyes for a lot of people- but I had a black blog before and i loved it. I really like this one- one thing though- now I see the blue but not the lime green words so well on the left. Just my OCD kicking in to tip you off- feel free to ignore me . :)

twinkle teaches said...

No I need all the help I can get. Really! Will change it. :) Tina