Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duck and shuffle baby!

Okay, first let's talk about the scary stuff that happened this weekend...
I have blogged some about my son Harrison's bug collection, right? Well, our rule is all bugs must be found dead to be added to the collection. No Raiding or anything going on. So my husband Ben cleaned out the pool and found an unusual looking bee. It was dead. He brought it inside and showed it to us. It looked like a bee but was skinnier and more darker in color. We added it to the collection. The next day I look at one of my son's collection containers and see it moving!!! WTHeck?

I go up to it and it is not moving so I think my eyes must be playing tricks on me...so I shake the box and it starts moving again!!! And it starts *attacking*the dead honey bee that is its roomate!!! Google to the rescue---we had caught a freakin' KILLER BEE!!!!! A day later and it is still alive and fighting everything in the box! So I found the phone # for the "Africanized Honeybee Task Force of Oklahoma"--yes, there is such a place. We are supposed to call and report our bee (feels so wrong to report him) and I guess they will take him off our hands. Weird how that sucker just resucitated himself. And he is aggressive! If I can keep from freaking out I will take a pic and post it tomorrow sometime.

Now on to scary incident #2...

last night yours truly was watching tv and eating chips and salsa at 3:30am. Tough work, let me tell ya. The doorbell starts ringing like mad. I walk to our bedroom and wake Ben up. I told him what was going on. Living in Oklahoma everyone is armed (and I am against that let me state for the record). So he grabs "ol' bessie" and walks to the door. The doorbell is still ringing. He opens it slightly while I am on the other side of the door...pretend I am holding a banjo, okay? And I say, "who is it?" in a whisper to Ben and he whispers, "lock the door behind me." Heart attack. I grew up in a neighborhood where we witnessed the swat team squat walking down the street to infiltrate an apartment building nearby. I remember duck and cover well. So I had flashbacks to this while holding my cellphone with 91 dialed.

Then being nosey, I decide to go to the other room and try to be subtle about looking out the blinds. Subtle doesn't work for me. So I was relieved when I saw it was just our neighbor talking to Ben. Then I thought, "Is the house on fire or something??" Ben comes back in and tells me that our neighbor Mr.J called the police because he witnessed a man with a tool bag try to break in to the car next door and then moved on to our car! Then the man saw Mr. J (who was out with his dog on doggy potty break) calling 911 and just stood there and stared!!! Then the man ran away. Police patroled but did not find him. This scares me because I was in the living room with the light on and actually had the big screen pretty loud so the criminal had to hear it and see the light on and not care!!! (Boy, that was a run-on sentence). We have gotten *many* signs lately that we should really buckle down and work on moving out of this neighborhood.

Let's transition onto non-scary stuff...

Ben drew these portraits of Harrison and Me awhile back. He also did one of himself but we cannot find it. LOL I know I put it somewhere safe because I wanted to buy a frame for it. I am going to try and be better about sharing his art stuff on my blog.
Anyway here is his drawing of baby Harrison at 6 months.
And this is me. :)
Harrison has been trying to spell with magnet letters. He said, "Look mom, I spelled the word train!!!"...um, not in the right order but a good try. :)
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Wonderful vintage thread. So pretty!!!
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This was the Monday afternoon sky. No rain just the threat of it. We were swimming when I took this pic!

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J-Mi said...

just had to come in and say that i'm scared of bees, and seriously, a self-resucitating killer bee has made what i'm sure will be a long lasting impression on me...i am both terrified of the concept and wanting to see a picture, all at the same time....lol!