Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For your enjoyment

Okay, just pretend to enjoy it.
I found a book I wrote--in first grade. About fish. Funny!
I still draw the same,too!
I like how the fish has curly hair like my mom!
Mermaid and rainbows! My friends Sharolyn and Christen checked out my book from the school library. Christen was my locker mate in middle school and went postal when I wanted to switch to a new locker mate. She stepped on my sack lunch and threw it!!!
A fish. I wrote it for my mama and daddy.
We love fish.
A fish can swim.
I love fish. (um,okay....)
A star fish has a hole that sucks.
(my turtle looks a little alien-ish :] )
A fish can eat too. A fish can jump. A fish can jump up. A fish can jump down too (really??). A fish has a family.
A star fish doesn't have eyes. A fish has eyes. A fish has a scool.
A star fish can suck too. (I still like neon colors!)
I like to fish and swim. Be quiet to get one.
(don't you like my diving suit with attached high heels and the collagen lip implants???)
Back cover. Sucking up a little. Miss Morris was in her 90s I swear. And she hated me. I always tried desperately to get on her good side but she never liked me.

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