Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apple goodness!

Keely feels better now that his stitches are out!
We spent Friday night decorating our house for Halloween. Yes, Halloween. You should see how we go all out for Christmas!!! We just really like to make the most of our holidays, and since nothing is going on in September anyway...
Here is one pic I will share with you.
I want to save the rest for an October post.
We put our Fall berry wreath on the front door and scarecrows in our garden. We only decorated the inside of the house for Halloween and the outside of the house for Fall.
So our caterpillars have made their chrysalis!!!!
Here they are as teeny tinies when we first got them.
Then every day they seemed to double in size!
They ate and ate or slept all day.
Yesterday, they started to hang upside down and twirl!!
Now they are snug as a bug in their chrysalis'.
Tonight we have to transfer them to their new house, the pop up net cage.
We also made our favorite, favorite baked cinnamon apples. They are easy and make an automatic air freshner for your house! We cook them in the crockpot.
Here's our recipe:
Baked Cinnamon Apples :)
4 T. butter
4-6 Granny Smiths, Jonathans, or Winesaps or preferred apple
1/4 c. dark brown sugar
1/4 c. white sugar
2 t. cinnamon
2 T. apple cider/juice or orange juice or water
optional: add 2T raisins
Core, peel, and slice apples. Add the butter to the crockpot. When melted, add the apple slices, and stir thoroughly. Cook about five minutes, then turn the apples. Add the sugar, cinnamon, and liquid, and cook in crockpot (low setting if you like to fill your house with the smell for 6 hours, high setting if you are in a rush 3 hours) turning frequently, until apples are soft. Serve hot. Perfect!~You can vary the amount of sugar depending on flavor you prefer.
Have fun!!!

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Lisa said...

Your blog looks awesome! Those caterpillars are so cool!