Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy days are here again...

What we've been up to...
we made Monster Mash treats. It was messy! They taste so yum!
I'll post the recipe and pics soon. H and I spent all day yesterday at the zoo. I think we got overheated (even with water and ice cream in our tummies) because when I came home I got sick to my stomach with nausea. :(
I finished my Ben album. We also picked flowers from our wild flower garden for him. Harrison is going to give it all to him when he gets home today.
Ben had to work late yesterday and he has to on Thursday because they have conferences and then teachers get Friday off. We bought tickets to ride Thomas the train on Friday! Thankfully, we got seats in the air conditioned car, car B. It is called Day Out with Thomas. We go every year, but last year we did not ride the train. Ugh, the raised the price of tickets this year,too, but I guess since we don't ever take vacations since the price of gas went up, this is our staycation instead. :)

I am almost finished with book 3, Eclipse. I think I am going to order the last one, Breaking Dawn, from Amazon. Then once I finish the whole series (is there going to be a #5???) I can join the living again!
So I'll post pics of the zoo and our Monster Mash stuff later. I need to find the cord to Harrison's camera so I can upload his pics soon,too. He has been taking pics like crazy. It makes me realize how I annoying I probably am when I take pics all the time! LOL No, I don't mind. I just told him he can't get any of my bottom or something. He took a really neat one today of his feet in the grass.


Little Ladybug Designs said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your blog!

Lisa said...

Girlfriend I hear you on the books. I was so glad to finish them and get my life back because I could not put them down and would stay up at night! My daughter and I have a date for the opening of the movie we can't wait. I saw a car with TEAM EDWARD bumper

Oh BTW thanks for my happy mail, I keep forgetting to thank you I love everything!