Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey there Little Miss Sunshine!

Found this awesome, awesome mousepad in the Target $1 spot. I am a HUGE fan of the Little Miss/Mr. Men books. I love it!
Butterfly update:
Today I had to do one of the hardest things ever...carefully transfer the chrysalis' to the netted cage. Carefully!
It took me awhile to "psyche" myself up to finally open the cup. Ben was at work and it just had to be done LOL.
Harrison talked me through it. With sweaty palms, I slowly opened the lid.
I shut my eyes at one point because I scared the chrysalis' all fell off or something.
Their new home...
I was so relieved when I finally got them transferred and hanging in Harrison's room.
So we went to Target today and I absolutely took pics inside Target LOL.
Their Halloween mascot this year is a cute monster named Domo. I think I have seen him on some felt books by Aranzi Aronzo.
Here are some of the other monsters. Aren't they cute???
We bought some of the Domo candy.
And my son proceeded to eat most of it in the car on the drive home.
He is into Star Wars so he was happy to get R2D2. We actually had to watch the 1977 movie the other night. Special effects have come a long way,baby!
Okay here is H's dream toy:
The "Spike" dinosaur by Imaginext stops, growls, etc. and is wireless remote controlled.
Mothers be warned! Your kids will see the display, play with it and beg you for it. They actually only had the display and none on the shelf/no price. So I came home, did a web search. That sucker costs $140! What??
I also bought some scrapbooking stuff but have yet to photograph it.
I was happy I was able to talk to my aunt on the phone today (I just don't make phone calls a priority), and after playing phone tag with Jen Watkins, I finally got to hear her cute voice!! I really should get a web cam so I can chat more with friends, huh? Do you have a web cam? Can anyone recommend a certain type/brand?
Tomorrow is a big day for 2 reasons~
We go see Between the Lions perform!!!
it is your last chance to enter my scrappy giveaway prize!!! I pick a winner tomorrow at 7pm CST! :) Good luck !!!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Wow, $140 for that toy? Geez! Looks cool though! I love the Target $1 spot! That Target monster is CUTE! My girls and I always LOVE the signs hanging in the store! I just love Target!

Suzie said...

You go brave butterfly lady!