Monday, September 15, 2008

Life is Precious...

I was reading Kimberly Brimhall's blog and saw her post about Aleida. I did not "know" Aleida online but just knowing she was a fellow scrapbooker and mom touched my heart. She was killed in a serious car accident Friday in downtown Dallas.
This breaks my heart.
We scrapbookers try to capture every memory through photographs and journaling. We always feel like we are "behind" or we collect more than scrap. We spend time online in scrapbook forums talking about the latest and greatest scrapbooking product. We always forget to stand in front of the camera because while we are obsessive about taking everyone's photos, and writing down their histories--we neglect our own. Sometimes we feel like throwing in the towel. Purging all the scrap stuff. Just buying photo albums to put it at in. Does it matter? Will our kids even open the albums in the future or will they be burdened to take all twenty plus albums wherever they may move??
Many, many times I think about no longer scrapbooking. Many,many times I tell myself to stop blogging.
Then I read about something like this and it is so tragic and so senseless. It hits close to home in my heart. Maybe all her family will have to keep the memories alive are those little scrapbooks she worked so hard to put together...her handwriting journaling out the details, the photos she took. Prayers for her family.

Her blog is here:
This post really touched me the most:
She was a member of the Studio Calico message board:

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Scrappin in my spare time said...

Oh how sad. My prayers go out to her family.