Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am loving...

Right now I am loving "The Way I Am" song by Ingrid Michaelson. Made it my ringtone. Actually, just loving Ingrid Michaelson music in general.
I am loving the Wizard of Oz/Madame Alexander toys from McD's. My sweet husband brought me home a bag full of them. :)
I am loving Pumpkin and Apple Spice scented candles...
I am loving that we got to witness our butterflies come out of the cocoons. Yes, they did!!! We are going to release them outside tomorrow.
I am loving Apple Strawberry juice. I am loving Ben's homemade sugar cookies in "scary" Halloween shapes.
I am loving New Moon, the 2nd book in the Twilight series. Got it
today. :)
I am loving shopping with my mom. We hit a sale this morning and walked out very happy shoppers! It was all stuff for Harrison.
I am loving that Harrison keeps saying, "I love you mom" throughout the day. He is going through a really loving stage. I am so glad we are over the terrible two's...but sad he is about to be 4 soon.
I am loving the guidance God gives me.
I am loving family time with my outer family. I wish I could make more time for it in my life. That is my goal for this month...more time for outer family members (you know beside me, Ben and H) and more time for friends. I need my offline scrap friends!
My husband told me I have become too obsessed with scrapping (well, and all that entails like blogging, photography, scrapping forums/blogs...). I know he is right. I easily become obsessed with things. My mother has OCD and I know I have some of it from just growing up with her. I tend to fixate on something and then end up getting burned out. Of course, I don't wanna get burned out on scrapbooking--haven't yet. But I guess sometimes I need to realize it is important to step out from behind the camera or better yet leave the camera at home and just enjoy the moment more.
Sorry for no photo of the days on Thursday and Friday. I made an effort to hide my camera! LOL We did finally get batteries for Harrison's kid tough camera though...;) Does it count if I force my 3 year old to take photos for me?? Only kidding!


wendy said...

I just recently started reconnecting with family members that I don't spend enough time with and I love it! I enjoy their company. Can't wait to see pictures H takes :)...he'll do a great job!


OME!!!!!! You are sooo going to love New Moon, don't panic though, remember there are two more books!!