Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Whaz up?

Did you enjoy your extended break?? We went swimming and to a family birthday party. Then H came down with a cold. We can't escape those cooties!!! We also re-did my scraproom. If I remember, I'll post pics! I have a lot more room in there now!
I did some scrapping. (see slideshow below)

Today we played outside for just a wee bit.
Then H and I cuddled and watched a movie. Ben came home and we went out for Sonic slushes.

My mother called around 8pm and was like, "Why are people spending the night at the school for transfers???" Um,what? We were going to put H on the transfer list but did not know we had to spend the night. Yes, spend the night!
So we drive up there and Ben talks to one of the many police men guarding the building. He said it is first come, first serve and the doors close at 7:30am!!! So I think I may go up there at 4am or something. Grrr...stress. I have never heard of something like this. I have heard of wait lists and first come, first serve but never spending the night! Wish me luck! I may just send Ben over on his lunch break to see if any openings are left...I am torn between this school or homeschooling anyway. We are doing homeschooling lessons this year but I am not making it an everyday thing since H is still 3.
Here's today's photo of the day~
Tuesday, September 2nd
just a lovely outside view!

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Lisa said...

Post pics of your scrap room, mine really needs some help maybe you can give me some inspiration.