Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have to say thank you to a wonderful person! Her name is Barbie and her blog is
She makes awesome digital kits. This year Harrison wanted a Toy Story party for his 4th birthday (Dec.28). I had the hardest time finding Toy Story digital kits--didn't find any--to make his invites with. I emailed her and this super lady emailed me back with a
4Shared link within an hour or two and she is working on a Toy Story mega kit! All out of the kindness of her heart. Some people are so awesome! If you download anything please leave her a positive comment. :)
This weekend I finished up my creations for ScrapCity and we reveal them Monday. I also made an easy peasy ornament!!!
It took 5 minutes to make! Wanna make one of your own? The tutorial is HERE.
Let's talk about Santa.
Photobucket has a section called "Scared of Santa."
These photos all resemble the 2005-2007 pictures with Santa we have of Harrison!
This mom HERE blogs about her experience with quads!
Poor kiddos! Poor Santas--they look scared!
Speaking of scary Santas, technology now makes it able to chat with Santa, but after some online friends tested it out, we figured out this Santa is not really the best to chat with kids. He told me to take pills and he asked another mom what she was wearing!! Well, he is good for a laugh because I really was laughing when he and I were talking about Tom Cruise going to Stepford to get a Katie bot. :)
So chat with him at your own risk LOL by clicking here!
Here are some kid-friendly links~

Track Santa with Norad!

Capture the Magic

See Santa via Webcam

Santa Stuff

Another email Santa site

Have fun!!!

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