Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mommy Makeover

Hai there....
I have a wedding and a birthday party to go to today and felt like it was time for a much needed mommy makeover. Got my hair "did", cut and colored, nails done. New makeup. I feel happy.
I HATE to take pictures of myself especially at 4am in mirrors that very badly need Windex-ing while wearing my pjs but here goes....LOL
This pic is funny because there was lipstick on my teeth and as I was swiping it the camera went off.
I went from black hair to red with highlights. Love it!
Photobucket is very hard to get a decent mirror photo without the camera in it (for me anyway) can see my hands on the camera at the bottom of this pic LOL.
I really like this photo but unfortunately this mirror needed Windex the MOST...go figure.
Looks like I'm crying--or melting half my face.
Since my night lighting was so funky its hard for you to see the actual new color so here is a close-up:
Have a good weekend!!! :)


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Look at you hot mama!! I love the photo with the BIG smile!! You hair color looks fantastic! How fun! Way to go on an awesome Mommy Makeover! Mommy's deserve it very much!!

Pearl said...

Fab idea with the mommy makeover Tina ! I'm marvelling that you're up to it at 4 am in the morning ?lol !

Have a great Christmas time ahead !

twinkle teaches said...

Thanks! Merry Christmas friends!
tina :)