Friday, September 18, 2009

Okay students

Raise your hand if you feel like this:

Seriously that is an exact replica of my face right now.
You may wonder why I disappeared from the blogosphere.
I got a full time job teaching (yes, again). I am teaching PreK for two different schools so I teach AM at one school and PM at another, Sadly, my craft room is feeling deprived. My son is having to deal with mommy no longer being home and daddy being home.
It has been a twisted week. I got hired Wednesday a few hours after interviewing, and was teaching Thursday morning. Insanity! LOL Not only that we got a phone call Wednesday night saying, "Hey, Harrison has soccer practice tomorrow night and we need you to coach." So my husband is the coach now. Chaos! On top of that, teacher has caught a nasty cold. I guess I have no defense against the classroom cooties since I have not taught in 4 years. Oh, and guess what else happened? Teacher got a flat tire today. And it has been raining all week and the kids have not had recess. Madness!!!
So now you know why I look like a loon. I am going to spend some time this week working in my 2 yes 2 different classrooms so my blog may grow a little weeds but I promise you wildflowers soon. Still thinking of my bloggy friends and readers.
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ChaChaneen said...

Oh honey, I understand. You gotta do what you gotta do. Thankfully you enjoyed a season of 4 years to have a hiatus and now it's back to work. It will make your free time more precious and you'll probably find you blog even less until you get into a new rhythm, see ya when your able to visit!

Unknown said...

Wow congrates on the job Tina.