Friday, September 11, 2009

The post that almost wasn't!

We have been dealing with storms here lately and unfortunately, my electricity has been a flashin' so that is why I named this post appropriately: the post that almost wasn't!
I haven't been up to my usual blog stalking but I did manage to visit my friends at Roots and Wings. They made an adorable garland using a free template from Paper Crave.
Now, I am not much of a seamstress. And I have a short attention span. So it took me three days to make my Halloween garland but here it is:
The template looks something like this (but without the paint)
Harrison wanted to feel a part of the project so I let him paint the patterns. :)
He also made his own Halloween decorations with me:
I love the pumpkin's unibrow!
We ran errands all day yesterday. I really hate it when we are stuck in the car all day but sometimes it happens. We were looking for Halloween decorations, some vintage cowboy shirts, vintage boots, and a new wallet for Ben. I know-an odd mix of things to look for! lol
We started out at the Rink. Our favorite antique store. There is a whole section of cowpoke stuff. We do live in Oklahoma so I guess that kind of stuff is easy to come by.
I scored some amazing vintage Wrangler shirts for Harrison. He put a Little Pony in the cart (for mommy, he said).
So it started clouding up. We stopped at Target and Party Galaxy. I feel like a real Target zombie. I step in that store, gush over the cuteness and new stuff, and totally forget what is on my list. Then I fill my shopping cart with future's a fun game!
(cowboy statue)
End up near the stockyards. Old part of Oklahoma City. Real cowboys abound.
See? There is even a skull arch over the cobbled and bricked streets.
Photobucket We head back home just as it starts pouring outside. It floods a little. The electricity goes in and out. Typical Oklahoma weather. I am still on the hunt for cowboy boots for boy's size 12!
Let's think about something positive...
I think we could use some Flickr inspiration today...
1. ~ DROPS ~, 2. "Our Colors", 3. can you see what i see?, 4. Bom dia* 6f /Good morning*Friday, 5. sweet little things of sweet little child., 6. glow, 7. John come home, 8. Cool Camper, 9. Crossroad, 10. To Smell, 11. My 'Happy Meal' Version...

I was tagged recently by my friend A Little Bit of Scrap. I love going to her blog for knitty inspiration and I love her honesty.
So here are the Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Write 5 things you are passionate about apart from blogging
3. Tag 5 people on your list and let them know you tagged them

Five Things I Am Passionate About:
1. My family. My son, husband,brother and parents.
2. Scrapbooking. I am a true paper nerd.
3. Candles. I hoard scents.
4. Books. I read daily. Usually before bed but I am always reading something. I would often beg my parents to take me to the library when I was little. I am so glad they always encouraged my literacy efforts!
5.My pets. Keely got a princess hat the other day. :) I love snuggling with my menagerie of pets.

So who am I tagging?
YOU! Anyone who feels like playing along.
Happy Weekend!



RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love how the garland turned out! I love the additions you added to it. Seriously fun!

Great Job!


ChaChaneen said...

That garland is very cute! I laughed outloud when he put the Little Pony in the cart. Ha ha. I could just picture it. And I lurve your list, we are similar my friend! Well have a great day!

Unknown said...

I like the unibrow too! (Maybe it's b/c I'm biased since hubby has one teehee)

Ginny said...

I love the garland, so cute!

Melissa Goodsell said...

The garland is really cute!!

Morgan said...

I like the garland and the Halloween art! Cute!

I'm slightly jealous of the storms you guys got. We've missed out on storms this year. Not even one tornado warning all year (which is odd). It's been quite a calm weather year so far.

prashant said...

I could just picture it. And I lurve your list, we are similar my friend! Well have a great day!

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