Friday, October 2, 2009


Can I just tell you how much I have missed my little online community of bloggers and friends? Seriously.
Work is um, work. I had to stay late until 9pm Tuesday and until 7pm Thursday--my day starts at 6am. And there have been so many adjustments. My husband is now stay-at-home dad. He is a much better housekeeper than I ever was! Harrison has had to adjust to mommy working full-time. Sometimes its hard when he is crying at the glass door as I leave the driveway. Sometimes I come home and he's asleep and I feel like bad mom for not being able to spend time with him that day.
My dog Keely has turned into super-stalker! He waits for me and whines at the door all day. When I come home and take my shower, he jumps in and sits.
It feels good to know I am missed.
It also feels good to be back on my feet and into the work force. I think for me personally it has made me a little more independent. I find myself doing so much more on my own whereas before I really always made Ben and Harrison go with me--like when we went to the store, etc. I know it isn't like that with everyone. But I was losing a bit of myself. This is something I had to work through for myself.
One thing I have learned is whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mom, it does not matter because we are ALL working moms. Seriously, I have been on both sides of the coin now.

So I have 40 students in two different locations. This has been a learning experience! I have to make two sets of everything. I have been living in my car. My feet hate high heels after having baby. I had to buy new clothes and jewelry because I was so year one (behind the times). I eat in my car (sandwich is the easiest). I am losing a lot of weight because I move more (dancing in PreK) and also sometimes I don't have time to eat lunch. I am not losing weight where I want to (my boobies). LOL.

Harrison started soccer. Ben volunteered to be the coach because they could not find a coach.

I have the little boy who kind of wanders around the field. "Hey,look it's a mushroom!" or he picks up grass and throws it in the air to watch it fall.

I know he would listen better if dad was not the coach but he just thinks its fun time with dad. We have a great team of 7 kids. It is co-ed and non-competitive (no score-keeping). The parents are all really nice,too. Soccer started the same day as my first work day. Yeah, we found that out the night before. That was CRAZY!
Then I lost my voice in the classroom for a week. FUN.
Last weekend we took Harrison to the Orr Family Farm.

We do this every Fall. So much fun!

They have pony rides, train rides, hay ride to get your pumpkin from the patch,fishing, giant corn maze, man-made maze, gem mining, campfire, petting zoo, milking a cow, go carts, carousel, free fudge! We spent the whole three hours there. We did it all.

The most funnest thing of all was the addition of something called Jumping Pillows. It is like a giant plastic pillow with air underneath it. Way better than a trampoline! You feel like you are flying in space. Seriously you can jump so high. And all of us as a family were on it, jumping away. My husband turned into a four year old. He was bouncing and falling all over the place. He kept falling off the side of the pillow into the sand pit. LOL
We came home with a pound and a half of fudge. They have so many tasty varieties.
Harrison bought an old-fashioned pop rifle and some sprinkled-covered gummy bears.

We found some small rubies and emeralds while mining. We found tons of crystals. So pretty.
Ben has been really good about taking Harrison to do a daily activity during the day like the park, library, Chuck E Cheese, zoo, etc. He was supposed to write a blog post but he forgot his password.
Today is my day off! Normally I work Mon-Fri but I had to stay late for Parent Teacher conferences (yeah my second week in the classroom) to have Friday off. Yay! We are going to Day Out with Thomas today. I asked Harrison "What are you going to say to Sir Topham Hatt?" "Hello!"