Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living Outside the Box!

We were recently sent a fun toy by Ebeanstalk!

It's called Connect-a-Straws.

My five year old son Harrison had a blast with them.
You can make cool things like...

glasses to wear!

flowers! :)


And so much headbands, belts, buildings,etc. I like the toy because it encourages creativity and outside the box thinking!
With so many toys to choose from, it's hard to pick out the perfect ones for your children. Ebeanstalk wants to make sure they have the best toys around and they could really use your help. Head on over to ebeanstalk and tell them what your favorite baby toys and kids toys are! It's important to them to provide great toys by age and the only way they can make sure they have the right ones is to get feedback from moms like you and me!