Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lock 'em up!!!

I am so ready for back to school time! As a teacher and mother I am pumped! Yesterday we had a teaching conference and they asked us to pick which cat picture described us--I picked Party Cat! I am ready to make learning fun.
I am in need of a lock for my storage area--you know so the kids don't play with my teacher stuff when they are supposed to be on a bathroom break or something. I saw these cute new locks from Master Lock.

Totally cute, so I think it will work! 
The Master Lock facebook page is here...
in case you wanna check out other colors/models.
Do you remember using a lock in middle school (back in my day it was junior high school) on your locker? The worst was when it would stick and the bell had already rung!!!!
The best advice I can give parents and students for surviving the school year is to make sure to make time for relaxation. Take time as a family to spend time playing board games, seeing a movie,etc...Since I am a teacher, I make sure to leave my school aka work at the building and put on my mommy hat at home. :)
So I am sending everyone happy back to school wishes!!! :)
P.S. I am entering a contest  for a Master Lock back-to-school prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. Wish me luck!!!