Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buddy Reading Works

We use a strategy known as A/B Reading. During guided reading, I had them read with an assigned partner. They sit EEKK! style--elbow to elbow, and knee to knee. Both children have the same text. One child reads while the other follows along. The reader asks the follower a question related to the story to make sure the follower was listening. I have an anchor chart with prompts on it for A/B Reading like:

Who are the main characters?

What is the problem?
What is the setting?
What do you predict will happen?

Would you read this book again? Why or why not?

What was the solution to the problem?
What can you infer from the title?
What was your favorite/least favorite part?

Then the students switch roles and partner B reads while partner A listens and answers questions. Sometimes they choose a prompt from the chart and sometimes they make up their own questions. They really enjoy trying to trick the listener to make sure he/she was following along.

I do use the A/B strategy about twice a week. The technique can be used with first through fifth graders. They really enjoy it when they are able to spread out around the room to read with their partner. I like to use paired reading because some struggling readers are not confident to read independently or in front of a whole or small group. This also gives them the opportunity to learn from their reading partner and to pick up good skills. I like the fact that the two students are learning together to clarify and decode words.

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