Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I am a few hours late so happy belated v-day! Today was such a pretty day outside. When I came home I found some sweetness waiting for me...

A card, a Dr. Pepper (yes!) and a little monster from my son and husband.

Plus, some very beautiful pink roses.

It really was a surprise because my husband had bought me a netbook about a week ago and told me to consider it an early Valentine's gift. 

My son Harrison is 8 years old and in second grade. He is really getting into pranks. He loves to watch this YouTube family prank each other:

Earlier today he tried to prank my husband by writing this and hiding!

What a silly boy I have!

So for my grad class I was setting up our wiki web site (you can see it HERE), and doing a search for pictures of kids taking a test.
Google images of course has the most *random* stuff come up instead. Like this...
 photo images2_zps24a3d24b.jpg

What??!? No...Just no!
 photo images3_zpsfbde82bd.jpg
That poor twinkie!!!
 photo images1_zps6f76467a.jpg
Shaking my head so hard right now!
 photo images_zps7f0f6f35.jpg
This reminds me of my middle school doodles.
Saving the best for last!!

 photo images4_zps6bf6fcad.jpg

The moral? Be careful what you Google for, you may end up with more than you wished for! 

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