Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reaching the limit

I think successful teachers use non-verbal management without even realizing it. This would include "wait time," the teacher stare, moving around the room, hand on the shoulder, a quiet sign, ringing a bell, or a type of movement. I use it daily in my teaching. I even made signs that have clip art with the word of the behavior I want and hold them up. 

My "I've reached the limit" signal would be turning off the classroom lights. All my students know this means a class time out with voices off, heads down. Then we talk about the expected behaviors. Non-verbal signals can also be positive like a pat on the back, nod of the head, thumbs up.

I think it would interesting to film yourself teach and see if there are any unintentional non-verbal signals you make like hands on the hips, arms crossed or snapping fingers. I know I do snap my fingers sometimes when I am in the middle of reading aloud. I think I use wait time the most. How about you?

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