Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teaching Beginning, Middle and End with a Snowman!!

I want to share a lesson I modeled today in second grade.
I shared about this with my grad class, but this post has pics!

It was about beginning, middle and end using "The Mitten". I started by stating the objectives "According to Common Core today I will learn..." I started out with anticipation by getting out three different sized boxes I covered with white butcher paper. I taped them together, not speaking. Then I added details, a nose, a scarf, etc. I said, "raise you hand if you have ever built a snowman before." All hands went up. "Building a snowman is like building a good story." I pointed to the three snowman sections--head (beginning) midsection (middle) and bottom (end). I wrote those on there and said the details added to the snowman were like details in a story.

 photo cc127857-1060-4a4c-a7db-5da171700a15_zps76f327ef.jpg

 photo ffa54f3c-c608-4cd9-a203-eb20e78a6cb1_zps7616738b.jpg

I saw the chart above on Pinterest and created my version.

Then I showed several Jan Brett books and stated, 

"Give me a thumbs up if you've read this one..." at the very end I showed The Mitten and said this is the book we are studying today. "It takes place in the Ukraine." I showed them on the map how if I got in an airplane how I would fly from Oklahoma to the Ukraine and I taught them to say hi in Ukrainian (pri-vit).I incorporated technology by showing the book on the Smart Board and using the read aloud video from YouTube. 
 photo 637f074a-00e8-4c6a-830f-6177c62cd804_zps5b624508.jpg
Then we reviewed the sequence of the animals. I handed out story character cards. I had ordinal numbers on my chart paper and they had to hold up the card if they thought it was their animal's turn in the sequence, if the class agreed they made that number with their fingers raised.There was an interesting dilemma that came up with the charting--we had 11 characters but one student had a mitten card. This was how we were able to quickly discuss living and non-living things and characters vs. objects.

We also exercised by touching our heads for beginning, hands on hips for middle and squatting for end.

 photo 85081b50-148b-414f-9c79-215a40d0e09b_zps867668da.jpg

I had three giant circles on butcher paper and we did an interactive writing on B,M, and E. 

 photo 92540cc2-1cfa-4ef8-8a8c-541e7e9f6722_zpsfb118a44.jpg
Then the kids made their own circle B,M,E snowmen! It turned out so cool!

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