Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anchor Charts to anchor our teaching!

I love, love anchor charts! When I was in the classroom I used them often with PreK and up students. So I thought I would share some here with you.

Think about charting words with your students using a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast book characters or two different versions of the same story (ex. two different tellings of Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

 I saw this on Pinterest and re-created it last year for my students I pulled for reading groups. We talked about what it took to become Rock Star Writers!

Here is another chart I had in my reading room as a Reading Specialist. It is important to have rules just like a regular classroom especially since you have groups for such a limited time.

I love the technique of Paired Reading. So students would choose questions off the chart if they had difficulty forming a question to ask their partner.

I was working with teaching ordinal numbers and story sequence. So we read The Mitten and I had character cards for us to sequence whole group.

It is important for students to realize they can look at the pictures to find clues to decode the text.

Writing process! Sometimes just a simple chart with steps on it helps students to remember a process.

I love this one! I think as an instructional coach I could even use this when teaching adults in a certain subject. I think it is critical for students to learn to self-monitor and assess themselves.

This gives students a "heads up" of what you may ask. Some of our students who have trouble staying on-task or those who have anxiety would benefit from having a glean of what they will be expected to know or retell.

While this chart is very detailed, it would be for third grade and up. I also think if  you go over it daily for a few weeks then students will automatically use it as a reference tool on their own.

And check out this neat Math idea for adding. It is too good to not share! This would be a great center activity!