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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Hello, dear friends. So the past few months have flown by in a tizzy-a whirlwind of chaos in the Winkle household! My mother-in-law suffered a brain aneurysm, then a stroke and blood clots. She is on the mend now. Thank God!
I have had a re-occurrence for the third time in my life of Bells Palsy. It is a facial paralysis on one side (my left side). Sometimes it lasts a few weeks or six months to a year, or it could be permanent. I had it at age 5,  20 and now at 37. The other two times it lasted a little over a month. At age five it was on my left, and then my right side at age 20. Both times it was more embarrassing since I was in school. Even college kids can point!
Thankfully, while I initially was sad the position I held as an instructional coach was no longer available due to funding cut (there were about 60 of us let go in May), I am now thankful to be staying-at-home and homeschooling my son because of the reoccurrence of my Bell’s Palsy. So I suppose it is a blessing in disguise.
The stuff that makes it difficult is speaking (speech is slurred), eating ( I often bite my lip or food/& drink falls out the left side), and driving ( I cannot do it wit h only one eye working well). I wear an eye patch. I have chosen to find the silver lining and decorated some eye patches so I look super cool with my customized eye patch!

We have also had birthdays, a birthday and holiday party at our house, a death of a distant relative and a birth (my cousin’s little one). So that is why I have been an absent author. I hope I still make Santa’s good list!

Today I want to share just some of the many neat things I have found online lately that are holiday-related.

I saw this on Pinterest. You draw a snowflake and then put wax paper over it, and then use puffy paint to trace over it. Let it dry and then you have made a DIY window cling!

This was on Facebook on the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas page, and someone shared this snow globe her daughter made. I have a ton of these clear cups in my cabinet and so my little boy Harrison and I now have something to make!

At Living Locurto, you can download a fun scene for your Elf on the Shelf to be apart of. We do have our own mischievious elf named Skippy Dimpledot. He is a little chunkier than the usual Elf on the Shelf but still just as fun. Plus, we write notes to him daily so he helps us with our writing skills!! This is what he has been up to... 

Oh and I tried to make some Star Wars snowflakes!!

Also from the ABC Family FB page, check out these amazing nails that look like a Christmas sweater!! I am so jealous. I have never had a steady hand to really be able to do nail art. The best I could
do was this~ Frozen nails!!!

What a neat art project! Jingle bell painting! Found at Happily Ever Mom.

And this is a neat idea if you have a white treemake it into an Olaf tree!

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