Sunday, August 30, 2015

Suggested Reading Lists

You may (or may not) be thinking, "What can I give students to read that will engage them?" Twinkle Teaches is here to the rescue! I put on a mask and everything...see?

Suggested Summer Readings (but really for any season!):

Literature Circles Book Suggestions from Harvey Daniels:

A great list of readings to incorporate into math:

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The language of self-praise

The Clever Classroom shared this anchor chart from Pinterest. It is a great way to get teachers and students thinking about positive self-talk. Now, one might wonder...why can't I say I am awesome? Well, you can BUT to quote Lillian Marquez from my FB, "SOMETIMES when we say we are awesome at something it prevents us from further exploring and growing. We stop ourselves because we think we are awesome and there isn't room for improvement." So I agree and feel that it can hinder self-reflection or internal feedback that can lead to something positive. Nothing wrong with it--but it is always good to think outside of your comfort zone.
This is still a great chart that gets you thinking...

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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Hi I am Tina and I love to collect and read infographics. You can find out so much handy dandy information and I really enjoy the visual components. I am sharing some of my recent finds with you~

To paraphrase Sara Harris about the chart above, "This is good chart to show parents why we work on the foundation skills of phonological and phonemic awareness BEFORE we can address decoding, fluency and comprehension. Most schools only focus on the top 3 layers."

Here are the top 3 key ideas for parents to understand about the Common Core State Standards. Here is Oklahoma we utilize the PASS set of standards currently. 

 Here are 5 questions school should reflect on as a team to see what areas may need strengthening to help with school culture.

Learning is evolving, education is fluid. Here are some shifts taking place now. 

 This is a great list for administrators to reflect about. 

These are educational leader takeaways on 8 ways to help achieve school improvement. You may find a new idea or something useful. I love tips like these because it helps to have another viewpoint.

 This is so powerful to me because sometimes we know what our students need and want but forget things like how to challenge them. 

 Technology is great and there is no excuse for not utilizing it in the classroom. Lose that fear and use some of these tips to tackle technology.

Mistakes are something students need to experience and to see you experience. How will they react to failure? 
 I love this checklist because it really makes you self-reflect as an educator. Are you hitting all or any of these attributes? What areas do you feel you can improve upon? This gets you thinking and that is always a great thing. 

 Look at these alternatives to homework. These are so good! 

 Here is a great visual on skills for the students we are teaching now that will help them in future and beyond.

Most of us have heard of Bloom's Taxonomy. I like how this not only shows you how each domain is used within the classroom, but also how to assess the domain. 

Sometimes a list like this reinforces what you are already doing in the classroom...

 This chart shows you how students will acquire, use and can extend knowledge.

 Great details on what constitutes a school leader.
 And a profile on modern teachers.
 Webb's Depth of Knowledge helps to ensure rigor and high-order thinking.
 This really speaks to me as an educator. It reinforces the idea that students learn more through active involvement versus worksheets.

Seven things every child needs to hear!

Whew! I hope something got you thinking. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Our Monday made us busy bees! 

We ran errands including a trip to Super Target...

made apple pie bites for our cooking lesson...

and talked about absorption/making secondary colors with a colorful science experiment.

Yes, this is my little one dressed as Godzilla with a tie and top hat!

H started an animal research project. It teaches him how to take notes and do research and then he has to put it together into a more formal project and present. 

We start reading Charlotte's Web today, too. Busy bees!

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