Friday, January 22, 2016

Fri-YAY Fun-YAY!

This is me in my cat form. I am just like "Winter-nope." I have to say this year, in Oklahoma, it has been a very mild Winter. I don't think we have had "real" snow yet just some frozen mix and of course, ice ice baby. 

I am keeping those Winter Blues away by collecting some funnies for you. So here's goes...

How do you answer this? C? A? 

Nice try, kid. My teacher senses are tingling. I know you're sleeping!
Nailed it-art edition.

Truth, baby, truth!

This is why we need cursive...

I still own some!Speaking of...

I really do need a Pizza Pouch in my life.

This is cute math!

(protractor) Get it?

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