Saturday, January 23, 2016

Valentine Finds

Will you be mine, valentine?

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it and so I have started looking for my own fun resources for this year’s Valentine’s Day and decided to share what I found today.

You can turn this into a creative card or just a cute heart decoration. Make an ombre heart using a circle paper punch (available in various sizes in the scrapbook sections) and layering the circles on top of each other. Idea and details can be found at Busy Kids=Happy Mom. 

 I love candy and I love flowers so this combination is sweet. Wrap crepe paper in a spiral around a sucker for a yummy diy rose. You can learn how to make your own at Ruffles and Truffles!

This is an easy way to make chocolate covered strawberries with less mess!

Also found on Facebook, I saw this way to make chocolate hearts
out of strawberries...use toothpicks on two halves!

And I saw this neat coffee cup cozy you can easily make using cute new socks and hair bands. Found on

This is a cute Minion valentine you can make using pudding, googly eyes and tape or black paper. I found it on Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons.
I think this is a great way to practice cutting/fine motor skills and to make flowers that are longer-lasting than the kind you order. Super cool.
Woo-hoo!!! You can find 30 Free printable valentine ideas HERe AT pRETTY pROVIDENCE.

cHECK IT...HEART STAMPING! I usually throw tubes away. First, I see the empty paper towel tube. Then I think, "Hmmm...I am sure there is something we can make or do with this...nah." Now I found something!! Details can be found at Happy Hooligans.

One year I gave my Prek students glow sticks as a valentine gift!

We also made scratch-n-sniff Jello names on hearts.

And during our reading group time, we used letter tiles to see how many words we could make from VALENTINE.

Oh and here's some pics of the creative kids from that school and their valentine mailboxes they made...

I'm pretty lucky to be married to an art teacher because he can help us with this handprint photo keepsake if we get around to making it. Found at Teach Me Mommy.

I really have a soft spot for dream catchers. Maybe because I live in Oklahoma and see them often. Maybe because my ancestry is native american. I LOVE to hang them near my son's bed. He says they really do help keep the bad dreams away.

The first one pictured is from Molly Moo Crafts. The other two pics are from google images but I am not sure of a link/source. We got some paper plates the other day so we may attempt to make ones more like those. 

This is from paging fun mums, and while it is for a mother's day gift idea, it would also be a perfect valentine's day craftivity.

I don't know about you, but I could always use more edible glitter in my life. especially around Valentine's day! 

If you are planning on giving anything color-related as a valentine, they free printable tags from My Frugal Adventures have got you covered!

Crepe-Paper Roses

Martha Stewart has some neat-o crepe paper flower ideas here.

DIY aroma therapy is easy with this simple scented candle tutorial

Are you all about doing-it-yourself? You hardcore, diyer, you. How about making your own scented candles? Details HERE.

I love thinking about the book Five Love Languages and how each person in my life fits into which category. Here is a handy chart for you to read about it.

(Puts on Billy Mays voice) Now it is time for me to plug some of my teachers pay teachers valentine clip art. 
Click on the photos to be taken to the product if you want to find out more. Some of them are freebies for you to enjoy!!

But wait, there's more!!! (Okay, normal voice returns).

And finally, let's say valentine's day is not really your cup of tea. You can find scary valentine cards HERE.

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