Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Garage sale life.

Garage sale life. About twice a year a church down the street from my house has a large indoor sale to help fund missionary work. My mom and I are always crazy about going to this sale because we find so many interesting things (things we probably don’t need).

This year I found a Greek-looking vase that I know my father-in-law would like. I found two tiny doll strollers (don’t judge me) for my dolls (or maybe my dogs lol). Oh! I found a copy of a book I love called “Like Water for Chocolate.” And I got two tin metal signs for the living room, and an old-fashioned oval frame that was painted gold. What elsesome magnetic darts and an electronic putter machine for my son.

I am trying to think of the weirdest things I have bought at a garage sale before. Last year, at the same sale I did buy a creepy old doll. I mean OLD. I am not a doll collector, per se, but somehow every now and then I do end up with one. Am I trying to re-live my childhood? Frighten my husband? Who knows. So I brought the doll home and she was scary in her old dress. I found her a bright, modern dress at the thrift store and gave her a makeover. I admit I used her to prank my husband and child by placing her in odd places around the house. (We also do this to each other with clown knick knacks). A few days later, I walk by the doll and she is holding a tiny little boy doll dressed in a sailor suit. Um, where did that come from?? Is she like out kidnapping other dolls at night while we sleep? Turns out my husband saw it in a quarter bin at Vintage Stock and thought she needed a child.

Another weird garage sale buy was a wooden tree that had holes all over it. It was made to hold beanie babies. I have no idea why I bought it. And I never could figure out what to do with it so one day it went to the curb. I recycle quite a bit by putting stuff on the curb because in our neighborhood someone always picks it up and I like that someone can re-use something that is no longer useful to me. We also donate items to local charities/thrift stores.
(The beanie tree did help with our leprechaun trap many years ago!)
Back to weird stuff I bought. One time I bought an ALF stuffed dolloh, and I have bought lots of old photos of people I do not know. I cannot stand for photos to be unclaimed. Maybe since I love to scrapbook I feel sentimental about photos and preservation.

My husband says I remind him of a bird because I LOVE shiny objects. It is true. I do love to collect. Then I organize and give away. It is my little cycle in life. I guess there are worse habits to have!! I could collect junkoh wait.

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