Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Spring Break!

Spring Break is here in our household! 
So far I have not done anything super-amazing but we did organize the toy clutter in our son's bedroom so that's a total win!

The weather here has been dreary but today it was sunny and 83. I should have painted a dresser I am trying to re-do but the Spring Break lazy got to me today. I spent the majority of my time binge-watching Mythbusters with my son. He is such a Mythbusters fan!

I had a totally weird dream last night that I was a motivational speaker. I was really into it and gesturing and speaking all motivationally to teachers and they were excited. Such an odd dream! I know here in my home state of Oklahoma our teachers could sure use some positivity and a mood boost. So much is up in the air here and when the chips are landing, well, they are breaking. So if you are in education, whether you are a teaching, administrator, etc. just know you are a true super hero! You fight the good fight every day and I appreciate you!

I have some reading I plan on doing over the break. I just bought the book The Art and Science of Teaching by Robert Marzano. Ah, famous Marzano. I got the book at the library book sale for like 50 cents! I am such a book nerd. I was thinking today I should go and re-read my textbooks from my Master's Degree classes since it has been like three years. I wear my badge proud!

I want to share some neat-o teaching ideas I saw recently on Facebook/Pinterest!

A nice and simple chart on re-telling.

A Target learning center! You could use it for math and reading skills.

Check out these handprint leprechaun pots. Cool!

And I love this for teaching the parts of a letter to students!

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