Monday, March 7, 2016

My dentist has tiny hands

Friday I had five procedures done on my teeth. I don't think I have ever blogged about it but last August I was eating cereal dry by the handful when I bit into a hard foreign object. It turned out to be a clump (well, several clumps but this was the largest) of what appeared to be burnt cereal. After much back and forth with the company, and having to get a lawyer, I have my mouth fixed. I have paid for it all out-of-pocket until the dust settles (whenever that may be). So my blogging and other things in life have been sporadic.

But I am here today!!! I am still only chewing on one side but hey, I am eating sour candy and blogging. Look at me.

My husband teaches in an elementary school and today he was evaluated. I always hated being evaluated. I mean, yes, I know it is necessary to some extent, but here in Oklahoma they had the hardest time deciding on an eval system and both were sort of like where it felt you had to prove why they should keep you. Now if you are doing your job and teaching well every year consistently, I don't know why they cannot make it easier to prove that. I guess I liked the system they used in Texas my first year of teaching. It was where the principal would drop in and check off items and leave notes. Then we would meet and he combined it all into an official write-up. It just seemed like less pressure that way. I mean our jobs as teachers are really hard enough sometimes. Oh well, these are just my Monday ramblings.

Today the weather is one of those dreary days where it sprinkles just a little on and off. It was a good library day! Harrison and I went to pick out some new books. He has a harder time choosing chapter books he likes because he has read so many already at the library. We need a bigger selection! lol

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