Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Springing into Spring!!! {Cat Edition}

I am so springing into Spring!!!
I love the warm weather so much. 
We are in that little period here in Oklahoma where the tornado sirens are not going off just yet and it is just pretty outside (although slightly windy, but I am so not complaining!).

My feisty child is still eating through his stash of Easter candy. I am proud of his moderation when it comes to sweets. I guess it is a sign he is growing up because we would have to hide his candy up on high shelves until it was treat time when he was younger. 

Now that he is 11, he does not really want to dye eggs or hunt for them. It is weird because you would think being homeschooled/an only child, he might take a little longer to decide he is "too cool" for some of these things. I know his friends (even the older ones) still carry on these childhood traditions. I guess each child just decides for him/herself when it is time. That is a great reminder to me as a former teacher that all kids are different and that is a beautiful thing.

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I have so much around my house I need to paint! I got my hands on a beautiful, solid wood vintage dresser that I plan on painting for Harrison's room. I am thinking of painting it turquoise and distressing it (maybe with wax) on the outer part and then painting each drawer a different soft color. But this is all in my head for now. I KNOW I totally need to touch up some of the walls. One of my cats thinks a corner of the wall is a scratch post. The weird thing about pets is you buy them all the fancy whiz-its at PetSmart and they will ignore that $100 scratch post and toys. But if you put a fresh coat of paint on the wall, it is guaranteed to become the new favorite play toy.

(My cat Snow is thinking this right now...)

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