Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Putting a "Spring" in your step!

This is my doggy Kipper enjoying Spring. 
Kipper is 14 years old! Born in February 2002. 
And he is still my fuzzy-wuzzy, crazy dog.
Here's his un-glamour shot...

So Spring is here in its beauty! 
Sunday night we had a thunderstorm that was just nice to listen to.
I am ready to see bright dots of flowers appear all over Oklahoma.

I want to share some Spring teaching ideas.

I am obsessed with Eric Carle. The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the first book that really "spoke" to me in Kindergarten. So I was surprised to see this very easy paper plate caterpillar idea.

I cannot believe I never thought of making caterpillars out of paper plates. I know it is weird because as an early childhood teacher you think of a zillion paper plate craftivities for students.

This is one I saw on DiscoverExploreLearn. I think my son will like doing this as a part of science. We have been studying air and clouds anyway so it fits in. Plus, I think if we put objects in the balloon or taped to it, we can see how much weight it takes to keep the rocket from taking off. 

Pool noodles are in stores again right now. I know Dollar Tree has them, too!

You can have students be engineers and sketch and write out their building plans. I think it is always important to incorporate writing in centers.

Here are three really cool cardboard centers you can make very inexpensively (and don't forget to add literacy and math skills into them!)

And this is fun but very good for fine motor skills and a way to make writing an adventure...
put butcher paper under tables/desks and let your students write and draw about a topic you are studying.

Sigh. I love thinking outside the box. 

Please share any of your ideas or any you have seen others do in the comments section! 

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