Sunday, July 10, 2016

Leaving your mark!

Book review time!

So now that I work in a library, I get to see all the great new books, dvds, and cds, etc. as soon as they make their way into our facility. I also have new discoveries when patrons return items. Do you know how hard it is not to bring everything home?!? This past week, I ran across two beauty books I just had to check out.

Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich

I was immediately drawn to the vintage photograph cover but then the line “Over 200 Make-at Home Beauty Recipes” stood out to me in bold, shouting print.

This book is really just strictly recipes. There are not any articles or stories. So it makes for a quick read, and I do love a simple book that is what it advertises to be.

Many of the recipes are from the Golden Age of Hollywood. And many involve fruits, vegetables or items found in your pantry. Some call for an odd item like Borax or Ammonia (sorry, not putting either on my face).

The one I tried and liked was using cucumber juice for balancing-out your skin. You mash some cucumbers in cool water, let it sit, and then rinse your face with it.

I do recommend getting this book if you are interested in make-your-own skincare. Some of the ingredients you can play with and of course, use organic ingredients.

The second book I came across was Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour by Dita von Teese. Now I am not a huge fan of DVT, but I do like her style and her makeup. This is one of those giant, coffee-table sized books. Again, I was drawn in by the cover. And I figured her skin always looks perfect so she must have some great beauty tips, right?

I really did love how her emphasis was on health and taking care of yourself more than on beauty products. Now some of the photos, while in vintage poses, can be considered very risqué. I would not leave this book out for my son to see lol.

My favorite part of the book was the hairstyles. I loved seeing how to do vintage hairstyles. At this point of my life, being a super busy mom, I am not sure if I will attempt any other than for a special occasion, but I did appreciate that Miss von Teese had each step accompanied with a photograph and detailed directions. I felt pretty confident I could handle some of those complicated styles after perusing her book.

I ADORE old Hollywood movies and glamour. I liked the tips in the book, for example—how to re-use old compacts and add your own powder cake. I really enjoyed seeing the history of various products and how during the war years, women were able to make certain products stretch or make do with what they had. I think this is a fascinating read and I also recommend this book. 

My cousin Naomi is a make-up addict and I think she would thoroughly enjoy this peek into Miss von Teese’s eccentric, glitter-filled world. 

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