Monday, June 26, 2017

Mondays are for warriors.

There. I said that. It should go on a mug. There might already be one out there.

So Summer Reading has kicked off at my library and we have been busy little bees. So many kids. So many books! So much fun. I love this time of year. I really do. And we get to wear tshirts and jeans until it is over. 

I have been ignoring my blog because all my free time has been eaten up by traveling (it is summer!) on adventures or working on my second Master's Degree in Library Science. I have two courses that I am currently taking. I am learning so much and the nerd inside me (and probably outside me) is eating it up!!!

We took a family camping trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Oh my gosh, it was so beautiful there! It was my first time to camp (I am a city girl) but I loved it. I was messy and there were bugs everyyyyywhere but it was fun.

No, I did not find a diamond BUT I did find a Bigfoot!

 He could not come home with me though. Bummer!

I did find quartz crystals! Harrison found an arrowhead. And we found beautiful pieces of slag and other rocks. My hands were scratched up from digging in the hard clay.

This was our humble abode. It was so freakin' beautiful. I loved hiking in the woods and when we found a tiny stream.

Another crystal find. I found some bigger ones, too. I bought some special cleaner at Home Depot a geologist had recommended to take the iron oxide off it.

Geodes! You break them open and there are crystals inside.

Part of the diamond-hunting field. It was huge.

Me getting dirty. My only regret is I wore my wedding rings while doing it. I should have taken them off.

We have plans to return but to stay a lot longer. I guess I am a camping diva now.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Information Ecology of Bethany Library by Christina Winkle

I've been busy getting my second Master's Degree in MLS at Texas Woman's University. I had to recently assess the services we offer at my own library, Bethany Library.