Friday, January 19, 2018

BEAR-y cool!

Sharing photos from our Bear Art Time!!!

Here's my table area. I had lots of water for myself because talking and singing, and dancing so much makes a girl dehydrated!!! Oh, and the bear die cuts on the table became "stickers" I put on the kids when they left with double-sided tape. The front said "I had so much fun at SO Library Art Time!"

This is the parent table with information about future programs, sign-in sheet,
take home sheets for little ones to color, bookmarks, early literacy info, and books to check out related to our theme.
I really love our Eric Carle rug!!!

Here is the bear cave I made. I kept it open because I did not want kids to be scared. The bears are extra ones I had for kids who may have forgotten to bring their own bear or stuffed animal. We played music, and they would walk in a circle around the bear cave, and when I would stop the music, the kids would freeze with their bears. They loved this!

Making polar bear handprints!

This little one year old was a hard worker!!!

Our bear mask art. FUN!!!!

tina winkle stay magical

Friday Alert! It's FUNyay FRIyay!!!

Woowhee! My allergies are bugging me big time today. I am not sure what is in the air but it has me sneezing non-stop!! So let's laugh a little...

tina winkle stay magical


tina winkle stay magical

Friday, January 12, 2018

FriNaLLy fRIYay!!

Cray. This week was cray. I finally feel like we are healing from the sick germs that attacked our household last week. Oh, we had a date night at the OKC Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers game! 

Now let's do some laughing, chortles, snickers, or awkward silence.

And...I saw this ad on Craigslist!

tina winkle stay magical