Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cabin in the woods

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It's does not look like this!!!

Have you ever worked yourself to the point of utter exhaustion? Hello, that’s me! I am working two library jobs-one public, one academic and finishing up my last semester of grad school. I just turned in my Final Exam that took me a good 30 hours to work on.

But…there is a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. We are going into a newly-built luxury cabin in the woods. This will be a relaxing family vacay. A much-needed one for me. I am going to burrito myself in blankets and watch movies like The Blob, The Bad Seed and Watcher in the Woods (all old versions) while eating Twizzlers. I am going to hot tub it up and look at the stars. We are also going to a local festival. Fun, fun, fun. 

One of my co-workers reminded me that I am going into an a cabin in the woods…during Halloween month…when the new Michael Myers Halloween movie comes out…where there have been multiple bigfoot sightings…and there are black bears, gars and alligators. Yeehaw! What did I say about relaxing again?!?!


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