Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Paperless Post

You are probably thinking, "Hey, this post is already paperless!", but I am not talking about *this* post but about a site named Paperless Post . You can design your own digital stationary, flyers and invitations using Paperless Post. You can easily access your email contacts, too. This is great for contacting friends or work colleagues for events. 

Here is an example of a flyer I made for one of my library programs using Paperless Post: 

It was an easy site to use. I love that there were a ton of font choices! You can even customize an envelope for your invites!

I encourage you to use Paperless Post because it is much faster than using snail mail methods, responses to events are immediate and easy to track, and it helps the environment to be paperless!


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Anonymous said...

Paperless Post is awesome!