Saturday, March 2, 2019

Reading is an adventure!

I feel like January was never going to end, and then February flew by!!!

I had a sick teenager (he is fine now) on my hands, and I have been doing lots of prep for my presentation at OLA on March 15th. I have been working to get my home office organized...I really want to make it something great! Our weather here in OK has been flip-flopping between warm and cold and my allergies have sure been reacting to the pollen! So that is what I have been up to in my little world.

I want to share some photos from my Heart Art Time program. I have an maximum of 20 kiddos but I ended up with 30! Good thing I over-plan! My next upcoming program for little ones is Dinosaur Art Time and I have many excited things planned for that--even some dinosaur exercises!

Oh, and I need to share these great books I have been reading to help me brainstorm teen program ideas:

This one has good ideas and takes you through decades like the 50s, etc. When reading it and taking notes, it became this creative creator where I would have an new idea after reading one from the book--ideas grown from their content. I love learning!

They are all written by Amy J. Alessio and a co-writer. I know you can get them through the ALA store and Amazon. However, I used my library card to check all these babies out!
I am on the search for a copy of this one next~

Happy reading, friends!


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