Saturday, November 30, 2019

*Christmas love*

Once my favorite ornament is hung, it is holiday time!

Ahhh...happiness for me lately has been a weekly treat of a hot thermos full of Egg Nog Latte from Braum's. It just makes my day better and feels like getting a hug. 
Now that I am a lead Children's Librarian, I have been busy scouting the web for Christmas and Winter ideas for the library. These could be used for teaching as well.

Here's some easy ideas!
This could be a center idea. Just put out construction paper, show them how to fold it into a card, cute a green triangle, and brown rectangle and then they get fine motor skill hand exercises by using a hole punch to make the ornaments.

As seen on Fun Littles, a paper plate can become an easy wreath. I would modify this by using various die cut holiday shapes OR collage shapes like triangles, circles, etc. in various colors.

This one I am for sure going to do! It is just circles made into a candy cane. Smart!

An easy snowman ornament made from white foam circles. If your kids are too small for buttons and wiggly eyes, you can always have them use a marker to add the elements and face.

They used ornaments, lenses for cell phone cameras--all from Dollar Tree and then added vinyl words.

This librarian had crafters use mod podge and Christmas fabric onto the back of clear glass plates. The clear plates were from Dollar Tree. They added a vinyl die cut word like "Believe."

I love this Santa beard craft. So simple but effective. You can get the details HERE.

Red Ted Art has so many great card ideas for kids to make!

And they also show you how to make tea lights into snowmen! Details HERE.

Another craft involving shapes! I saw this on Facebook but am not sure of the creator.

This would be good for a small group to make. Put glitter and water in a bottle to make a snow storm!

And finally, I adore this yarn coiled snowman craft from The Pinterested Parent.

I made a flannel tree so the library kids can put ornaments on and off it.

I dyed my hair back to blue. Love it sooooo much! It always makes me so happy.

Have fun making some messy, crafty, holiday goodies!


Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I know we, as Americans think about gratitude really only around Thanksgiving. I am guilty of it. There is really nothing stopping us for being grateful year-round. I am trying to teach my son what gratitude is. If you are trying to do the same, you may enjoy these printable gratitude games and activities for your children or those that you teach!

Some of these activities include: a gratitude tree, scavenger hunt and even yoga to teach thankfulness.

Gratitude tree activity

You can check out all of the gratitude activities here.