Sunday, October 18, 2020

Markers and Magazines! Oh my!

I save found marker lids. Well, I saved them when I taught and as a Children's Librarian. I always thought they were useful for re-capping others that lost their lids AND I also used them as math counters or for color sorting. Marker lids are also just fun to stick on your fingers lol.

I saw a post on Facebook with some fun things to do with marker lids.
As you can see above, you can sort them into a rainbow (or just pile into color stacks).

This grid came from the back of a tile and fit marker lids perfectly to use to make designs.

You can stack them into towers or make color patterns with them.

Here's another example of making a design using a grid:

I also always saved old magazines (within limits and as long as they had no ads/photos that were not child-friendly). I came across this idea, also on Facebook, of giving kids or teens a silhouette. They then tear and cut magazine pages. They can lay them down in strips on the silhouette or roll the strips and then glue them on the silhouette. Fun, easy and environmentally friendly!

 Happy creating!!!


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