Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!!!


My Christmas wish for you is that even if you are spending it alone you are not lonely. I care for all my readers even if I am wonky about posting on my blog. I wish you the best holiday season and great, magical things!

A few days ago I was wrapping presents. It took me 6 hours. Not because there were so many gifts, but because this is how I wrap…

My husband got up while I slept and wrapped probably double the amount of gifts in about thirty minutes!

Instead of seeing family, we all did gift exchanges on the porch. This year we opened gifts at midnight just because we could.

And this was my puppy Chinche’s first Christmas and first birthday! Yes, he really was a Christmas baby. He loved it all… his new stuffed animals and his special peanut butter birthday cookie.

Now my family is sleeping. And I am reflecting on the good that really did come out of this year. We got to spend more time together than we have in any other year. That means so much. 💖💖


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