Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Working After Baby

Should a woman work on maternity leave? There have always been 2 opposite opinions: "yes" and "no", like black and white.


For those who say "yes", here are some tips on how you can earn extra money on maternity leave and even have enough time for your child:


1) Monetize your hobby

If you have a hobby, try to make money on it. Whether it's handicrafts, cooking, painting, floristry, plant breeding - the list of hobbies is almost endless. The more original the idea and the final product, the more chances of success. It is important to find your kind of creativity not to start being annoying in a week.


2) Find a part-time job

If you are a sought-after specialist and, after the decree, are planning to continue your career, find a part-time job in your specialty. It will help you not to lose your skills and easier to join the process after the decree.

On the web, there are a lot of part-time jobs for stay-at-home moms.

3) Find a part-time job that does not require special skills

It can be tasks on the Internet or offline tasks. For example, on copywriting websites with part-time jobs, you can perform one-time tasks: transcribe an audio recording, leave a comment or review, follow links, analyze content.


4) Find a new profession

Sometimes on maternity leave, mom realizes that she does not want to return to her previous job. Then you can think about changing your profession and enroll in courses. 

Online education allows you to master a new profession at home. There are courses in different areas - programming, design, internet marketing, SMM, project management, photography, video filming, motion design.

If you decide to find an additional source of income, before searching, answer a few questions for yourself:

How much time are you willing to devote to a part-time job?

Are you ready to learn new things?

How much do you want to receive?

It will help you to determine the preferred sphere of work and find your dream job!

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